Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The title of this blog is based on a satirical song by the lovely, wonderful Emilie Autumn, and I thought it was an appropriate title, since I will be talking about all things pretty and many superficial. =)

The last couple weeks I have been (obsessively) following many of the Madd Models of Madd Style Cosmetics, an indie cosmetics company I have been following and falling in love with for about a year. Madd Style provides a SLEW of 100% vegan pigments, lip balms(bombs), and extras. Sadly, my collection is paltry compared to the full line, but even with what I have, there are many possibilities.

I'm not an avid follower of the makeup world, and the most expensive cosmetics I've ever really owned are Physician's Formula. So take that into consideration, that most of what I will be using is fairly inexpensive (brushes, products, finishers). I know times are hard and a lot of people can't afford tons of makeup, but I've been playing around with a lot of makeup the last couple years, and though I am far from perfect, I think I have decent skill and creativity enough to throw out some ideas.

Stay tuned for pictures, videos, photo-tutorials, reviews, hauls, and tons of my favorite things!


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