Thursday, September 29, 2011

MASSIVE Wet N Wild Comparisons, Swatches & Suggested High-End Dupes UPDATED!

Alright everyone. So here we go! It took me forever to get these photos done and I think I may permanently have glitter ground into my skin, but it's totally worth it. On the Makeup For Everyone Facebook page, I posted a photo of all of my Wet N Wild Color Icon eyeshadows, and had a couple requests for a blog with photos and the compiled dupes list. I've watched probably an hour of youtube videos trying to figure out which of these are the best suggestions. Some have no dupes that I have been able to find, others have multiple. 

I don't own any MAC, Urban Decay, or Too Faced, so this is purely speculative. I will include all of the links to all of the videos I watched to create this. Hope you Enjoy! 

First off, for those of you who don't know what a dupe is, it is basically a duplicate color that different brands carry. What dupes do is allow you to spend a smaller amount of money on a comparable product. So say if you love the color Cork from MAC, a dupe would be a color that is almost if not completely identical to Cork, but from a different brand, often much less expensive. Same goes for foundations, blushes, lipsticks, etc.

The left to right sequence of ALL photos is the palette/collection in natural light, with flash, then swatches in natural light, and swatches in direct sunlight.Click the photo to view it full size without all of the interference from text and my background!

**All dupes are MAC suggestions unless otherwise noted**

6 Color Palettes

Let's start with the 6-Color Collections. I have heard that these are no longer in production, but I know there are a lot of places that still have them. These have some of the better MAC dupes, so if you can shell out the $3.99 and find them, I highly recommend it! 

With the numbered Dupe Lists, #1-3 are the colors top to bottom on the left, while #4-6 are the colors top to bottom on the right.

    Suggested Dupes
1. Bisque: Dirty Ivory.
2. Paradisco: A bright pinky-coral with pearl. (The Wet N Wild color is matte while Paradisco is shimmery, but they are the same hue)
3. Carbon: Intense Black Matte
4. No dupe found: A purple-toned taupe with gold shimmer
5. All That Glitters: Beige with gold pearl. 
6. a) Typographic: Asphalt Black (MAC website description states that it is a matte and does not mention any glitter or shimmer)
b) Urban Decay Creep (NAKED PALETTE)

248 LUST
Suggested Dupes
1. Yogurt: Soft pale pink
2. Fig 1: Eggplant purple
3. Sketch: Red-toned burgundy
4. Vanilla: Peachy Ivory with reflecks
5. a)Knight Divine: Black with silver pearl (The Wet N wild color seems more purple, but that might be color association)
    b) Urban Decay Gunmetal (NAKED Palette)
6. Beautymarked: Black red with sparkle/shimmer

   247 PRIDE
 Suggested Dupes
1. Gesso: Vivid matte white
2. Newly Minted: Minty blue-green (discontinued)
3. Nehru: Muted bluish black (Wet n Wild is much lighter, but has the same effect)
4. Crystal Avalanche: White with reflecks (Wet N Wild color is quite chalky and difficult to build)
5. a) Steamy: Bluish green with gold pearl
    b) Surreal: Frosty blue-green (no longer available)
6. a) Deep Truth: Frosty true dark blue
    b) Sea and Sky Duo - Sea (no longer available)

 Suggested Dupes
1. Bisque: Dirty Ivory.
2. a) Cork: Soft, muted golden brown
    b) Wedge: Soft muted beige taupe
    c) Urban Decay's Naked (NAKED Palette)
3. a) Folie: Reddish plum brown
    b) Embark: Intense reddish brown
4. Nylon: Pale gold with icy shimmer
5. Gorgeous Gold: Muted yellow-gold
6. a) Bronze: Gold brown with gold-bronze shimmer
    b) Mulch: Red brown with bronze pearl

8 Color Collections

On to the 8-Color Collections! There are three of these collections, and I believe they are highly available permanent additions to the line. I will be following the same number formatting as with the 6-Color Palettes, only it will be #1-4 on the right, 5-8 on the left. 

One thing I have noticed is the dupes for these collections seem to contain a LOT of out of production MAC colors. So if there was one you liked and can no longer buy it, these palettes might be a good alternative. 

Suggested Dupes
1. Crystal Avalanche: White with reflecks
2. Electra: Silver with icy shimmer
3. a) Contrast: Purplish-blue with blue pearl 
    b) Stars By Night: "Blurple" navy (no longer available)
4. Carbon: Intense matte black
5. Fashion:  Light blue green (no longer available)
6. Blue Absinthe: Shimmery teal/turquoise (no longer available)
7. Deep Truth: True dark blue
8. Black Tied: Black with silver sparkle

Suggested Dupes
1.  Photo Realism: Pale yellow gold with taupe undertones (no longer available)
2. No dupe found: Bright shimmering copper
3. a) Woodwinked: Warm antique gold
    b) Urban Decay's Smog: Deep coppery bronze
4. Twinks: Deep brown/plum with pearl
5. Retrospeck: Beached blonde with shimmer
6. Sumptuous Olive: Khaki olive green with pearl
7. Greensmoke: Tarnished olive
8. Club: Red-brown with a teal pearlescense

 Suggested Dupes
1. Pincurl: Light pearly pink with grey undertone (no longer available)
2. Of Summer: Soft mauve with pink tone (no longer available)
3. Vile Violet (Villains Collection): Blue-toned violet (no longer available)
4. a) Parfait: Blue-violet with shimmer 
    b) Beautiful Iris: Lavendar with sheen
5. Rosy Outlook: Pale, rosy pink (no longer available)
6. Trax: Burgundy plum with shimmer
7. Beautymarked: Black-red w/sparkle pearl 
8. Black Tied: Black with silver sparkle

We're finally to the trios! I have twelve trios to show you. The first six are what I believe are the Spring Collection, but they are still easily found in stores now. The second 5 are, I *think* the permanent, original trios, but I have not found any dupe suggestions using those. So if you'd like some homework, take out your fancy makeup and the 6 trios that have a 3-digit number ending with a B and let me know what you discover! The very last trio is from the limited edition Dream Weavers Collection from July of this year, and you'll see why I went so mad-cat trying to find it when we get there. 

Trios are numbered 1-3 top to bottom. 

Suggested Dupes
1. Aquavert: Soft buttermint green (no longer available)
2. a) Swimming: High shine sea green
    b) One-Off: Cool, medium green (no longer available)
3. Bitter: Vivid lime green with shimmer

Suggested Dupes
1. Lovelace: Dusty, darkened blue (No longer available)
2. a) Dandizette: Dark, shimmery blue (Mega metal collection, no longer available)
    b) Deep Truth: True dark blue
3. a) Goldmine: Intense gold with shimmer
    b) Urban Decay's Honey: glistening gold

Suggested Dupes
1. White Frost: Frosty, slightly off-white shade (no longer available)
2. Odalisque: Mid-tone blue (Mega Metal Collection, no longer available)
3. a) Stars & Rockets: Purple with pink pearl
    b) Urban Decay's Fishnet: Pinkish purple with blue flash

Suggested Dupes
1. a) Swish: Bright pink with icy shimmer
    b) Too Faced's Boy Toy: cool pink with shimmer
2. No dupe identified: Dark brown with copper and pink glitter
3. No dupe identified: Brownish, shimmering gold

Suggested Dupes
1. a) Stila - Chiffon: Soft peachy pink
    b) Sweet Lust: Pinky rose
    c) Jest: Soft peach with icy shimmer
2. a) Center Stage: Smoldering chocolate brown with soft bronze shimmer (Mega Metal Collection, no longer available)
    b) Smut: Muted black with red shimmer
3. a) Style Snob: Soft, brownish taupe (no longer available)
    b) Satin Taupe: Taupe with silver shimmer
    c) Too Faced- Lap Dance: Gorgeous taupe color with metallic finish

Suggested Dupes
1. a) Silverthorn: A blue toned silver (no longer available)
    b) Too Faced- Ooh & Aah: A soft, pure silver
2. Black Tied: Matte black with silver shimmer
3. Hepcat: Jazzy deep blue-wine 

Shade Descriptions
1. Pale yellow-toned green
2. A shimmery purple somewhere between eggplant and plum
3. A jewel-toned green

Shade Descriptions
1. Intense, shimmery white
2. Black with silver sparkle
3. Clean, metallic silver

Shade Descriptions
1. Soft, dusty pink
2. Milky chocolate with red shimmer
3. Frosty maroon

Shade Descriptions
1. Pale, icy blue
2. Milky brown
3. Shimmery denim blue

Shade Descriptions
2. True brown with pink/copper shimmer
3. "New-Penny" metallic copper (DUPE ALERT!!! URBAN DECAY'S 'SIN')

And here's the last trio, the pièce de résistance! This is one of the Limited Edition Dream Weavers Trios from summer 2011. Not only are the colors incredible, but the entire palette is an exact dupe of the first three colors in the Urban Decay Summer of Love Palette! Now I know these are nearly impossible to find, but if you do find them, buy them all and share the love. 

Suggested Dupes: 
1. Urban Decay's Maui Wowie: Antique gold with a slight bronze sheen
2. Urban Decay's Flash: Bright purple with an icy sheen
3. Urban Decay's Chopper: Coppery orange with a pink hint

Note, in the above picture (taken by makeuptalk), the last shadow, Smog is shown with its dupe in the Comfort Zone 8-Pan Collection. 

So there you have it, folks. A HEAP of photos, descriptions, and swatches of Wet N Wild ColorIcon Eyeshadows. I hope you have enjoyed this. Feel free to leave any questions, comments, and requests below! 



Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Very First Photo-Tutorial

So, like the title says, this is my very firstest photo tutorial. I've never done one of these before, or any makeup tutorial for that matter, so I hope I do a decent job and things make sense.

First off, gather your supplies. Today the look I'm doing features all Madd Style Cosmetix. I used five colors; Unicorns & Glitter (a super glitzy rose gold with a ton of gold sparkle), Hidden Track (A mustard-type yellow with a greenish gold shimmer), Final Fantasy(A fantastic Trichrome that is sometimes green, sometimes gold, or sometimes silver), Cruisin for a Bruisin (A pressure sensitive brown-purple with purple sparkle), and Birfday Suit (a matte nude color).

I used four brushes for this look as well; A small C-Brush (Or a domed eyeshadow brush), a concealer brush (I really like the way this brush handles loose pigments. It's exceptionally easy to pat on the color and there is minimal fall out), a fluffy crease brush, and a contour brush. I primed my eyes with Hard Candy Sheer Envy Primer, and used a de-sticked NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as a base.

And before we get much farther, I want to apologize for the state of my eyebrows and skin. I had no idea I had that nasty blemish on my right cheek, and my eyebrows pose a no-win challenge to me. I have cowlicks in my eyebrows, for crying out loud. Anyway, just ignore those.

Start with clean eyes, then prime and base your peepers.

 First, take the domed brush and go into Unicorns and Glitter. Apply to the inner 1/3-1/2 of your eye lid, starting from the inner corner. Also bring it down under the lashline about 1/4 of the way.

 Next, take the concealer brush and go into Hidden Track. I kind of spazzed out here and forgot to take a picture of the application, but hopefully the following description serves okay. Using the concealer brush, pat Hidden Track onto the center of your lid, up to the crease, blending it partially into Unicorns & Glitter, just to make a smooth transition.

Then, take the same concealer brush (I do recommend wiping the extra pigment out of it first), and go into Final Fantasy. Pat FF from the edge of Hidden Track out to the corner of your eye, or a little further if you prefer, again, up as high as your crease. I then brought Final Fantasy about 1/3 of the way in on my lower lash line. Pull from Hidden Track into Final Fantasy to create another smooth gradation. If you feel like you've lost some of Hidden Track in the blending process, never fear! Get some more and pat it onto your eyelid in the same place.

Now it's time for Cruisin for a Bruisin. I used the same concealer brush again (I told you I LOVE it!) and filled in Cruisin for a Bruisin in the outer V of my eye, and brought it into the crease, almost back around to Unicorns and Glitter. Then brush off the extra pigment and, using the same brush (or an angled crease brush, it's up to you), pull Unicorns and Glitter into Cruisin for a Bruisin, creating a faint, but defined line. I know mine isn't perfect (one is not as defined as the other).

Now take that contour brush and get some Birfday Suit on it. This is going to be the brow highlight. Birfday Suit is almost IDENTICAL to my skin tone, so I know it really doesn't show up all that well in photos. Feel free to use any neutral/matte highlight you like. Then take the fluffy crease brush and blend the line between Cruisin for a Bruisin and Birfday Suit, just to soften it up again.

Add some eyeliner and mascara and the look is done! I used just a black retractable eyeliner pen to tightline the top lid and do the waterline on the bottom. I finished off with Almay's Intense I-Color. I use the blue-enhancing, which is a dark brown color, rather than black. 

As this is the first tutorial I've tried to do, please, please, PLEASE leave me feedback. Comments, constructive criticism, ideas, and requests will always be welcomed! I hope you have enjoyed this.

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